Offshore Development Center (ODC)

The networked world makes it possible for work places to be thousands of miles apart and yet function as if they exist next door. This possibility gives rise to numerous advantages for companies that seek to leverage core competencies of other companies situated far away. AcknoTech India Development Center – AIDC is a strategic concept born out of this possibility.

AcknoTech India Development Center has dedicated team with high expertise, good infrastructure and setup. Some of India team services include.

  • Application development on Java and .Net
  • Application development on IBM Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Troubleshooting application code issues
  • Database Performance monitoring
  • Performance Optimization of queries which have a long execution time

SLA based Production Support

  • End to End support of Production Issues which includes
  • Ticketing - i.e. Service Management first level troubleshooting of network, operating System, database and application serve resolution of issues
  • First level troubleshooting of Network, Operating System, Database and Application serve resolution of issues
  • Resolution of issues
  • Database performance monitoring